This page is made as a tribute to one of the greatest movies ever, the Indiana Jones Quatrology.

This page, however, dont contain photogallery, traliers and such - with a little exception.

It is purely dedicated to the great gear that helps making Indy the charachter he is.




Resent updates:

All pictures of my gear was taken in a burial site from the late stone age (3.200 b.c.)  Read more...




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Ahh.. Venice!


The Indiana Journal


European Summit July 2006 in London


European Summit   10 -12. June 2005 in Hannover, Germany


European Summit 22. -24. Oct 2004 in London


European Summit 28.-29. Sep  20 03 in Wilhelms-haven, Germany

Pictures and such



Indiana Jones and the Quest for gear! In here You will find Indiana Jones Gear. Where to buy it and my private collection. Informations about the fedora, bullwhip, Aldens boots, bag,  the Grail Diary, Golden Idol of Fertillity, Venice, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Temple of Doom , Last Crusade and the actors involded in the triology.  


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There are several pages on the Internet about Indiana Jones and the four movies, and I am not able to add futher to the informations found there. This page is a change for me to display the result of one of my hobbies (the most odd one, some will say) - the collection of my Indiana Jones-gear.

So what Ill try to do here is to show where You will get the most screen-accurate gear, and make a comparison with the gear I have collected so far. To make that comparison to the "real" gear Ive gathered screenshots from the Triology and tried to display my gear the same way.

For this hobby I owe everything to It is the greatest webside on the Internet for getting even more information!



The gear is:

  Fedora      Jacket       Shirt       Pants       Belts     Boots/Gloves       Whip       Bag     Gun/Holster       

Fedora Shirt Shirt Jacket Jacket Holster Belts Whip Whip Bag with strap Bag Pants Pants Boots Pants Boots

And ontop You might add all the props used in the Triology. Inhere Ive only shown the one Ive

got. These are:

The Golden Idol of Fertillity     The Grail Diary Grail Diary tutorial


Besides the links for gear in the gear-section above I have added some good sources to obtain great gear in a top quality . They are hardly the cheapest on the marked, but the makers are among the best at the moment, and are some that I can recomment fully. Click here for more information.



I had the great pleasure visiting Venice in the summer 2003. A truely great city! As to this topic is was also in Venice that some of the shooting for "Last Crusade" took place, and if You click here, You will get to see my pics from the place, and a map so You will be able to find it when(!) You get to visit Venice .



As a little bonus Ive added a little, and far from complete, section about some of the actors featured in the Triology.

Did You ever wonder what happened to ex. Karen Allen (Marian Rawenwood in Raiders of the Lost Ark) click on one of the movies-icons below to keep up with the main actors...




Check these out. Photos taken fall 2003 in the launch of the Indy-DVDs - Indy and girls..






If I where to take 3 Indy-links with me to a dessert island, these where the one Id choose.

And if You need to ask any indeep questions about ANY gear-matter, check out Club ObiWan!

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