European Summit 2003


The first Indiana Jones-gear summit in Europe took place in Wilhelmshaven in north Germany 27th-28th September 2003.

The arrangement was a succes even though we only managed to bring together four "gearheads" this time around. The hope is that future summits on European soil will be attended by many more...

We all stayed at the "Schwarz Hotel", and even though the landlady looked like Quasimodo, she was very freindly, and we could almost do as we pleased. So we gathered for some whipchacking in the backyard, enjoyed a beer, made  fedora-lineups, prop-lineups among other things.

Later we went to town in full gear where we, viewed by the good people of Wilhelmshaven, had a great dinner at a chinese resturant - "Nice try, Lau Che", and later hit a "beer-garden" for a drink or too. And ended that evening by taking a long walk home. Wilhelshaven is quite big, we came to discover.

After finishing a great breakfast sunday morning we went down to the habour.

Wilhelshaven was the center of Germany´s submarine forces during the World War II, therefore has a great marine-history. Today this history is displayed at a museum, and of course we did visit the museum.

One of the great things that was on view was a german submarine. Not "the" sub, but it was quite an experience to enter this sub, and have a view inside.  You might know the deleted scene from "Raiders" where Indy attach himself to the submarine with his whip.

I had to try that and made a sving with my whip towards the tower. And the whip did attach! And it wouldn´t let go...

I then had to make a bit of a climing to release the fall of the whip, while looking down at the ground 10 meters below - where is Your stand-in when You need him...


Afterwards we did some whipcracking by the seeshore, and again, to some surprice to the fine people of Wilhelmshaven. We had some who came asking what this was all about, and we tolled them, so pehaps we´ll see some new members to this hobby..

Pictures from the summit:




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