The Boots and the Gloves

The boots Indy wear is an Alden 405. Rumours are that Harrison Ford insisted on wearing these boots as he had very good experience with these in private. And since the "405´s" kind of fitted into the "Indy-character", the Aldens found their way into the world of Indiana Jones.



This how they are shown on Aldens webpage - nice, but this is how they are supposed to look....

Raiders and Last Crusade:

From the truckchase in Raiders.

And from the 2. trial in Last Crusade.

I belive the color at the present Alden 405 is pretty close to the ones in the Triology, however light and distressing make them look somewhat different from the movie.

Here is mine $360 boots distressed as they should be..


Even they are somewhat overpriced, they are fine boots. A little stiff compared to european casual footwear, so You get a bit of the "typical cowboy-walk" when wearing them. If You fly (in airplanes that is) from time to time You´ll learn to take off Your Alden´s before entering the metal-detector in security - the steel-shaft tricks the alarm every time!

The only thing thats bothering me (beside the price) is that the tounge (the leather that covers the laces from inside) tens to slide to the side. I had to solve the problem by sewing it to the shoe :




The gloves where used in "Raiders" only, and they appear from the "Raven Bar - scene" and through out the movie until the entering of Katanga´s ship. Whenever Indy is in "full" gear the gloves are on. They were made by MidWest leather.  Since these gloves are hard to find, Wells Lamont gloves are a very close substitute to the real thing.

In all places I found my Indy-gloves in Germany - at Tchibo.

Here they are...



    And mine. They are distressed with black and brown shoepolish and plain ashes.