The Fedora

Originally the Indiana Jones-fedora was provided by the  british company  The Herbert Johnson Hat Shop , but there are other  versions and suppliers that may suit You taste (and hard erned money).


Now what does I mean by that?  The fedora varies quite a bit from movie to movie, and even from scene to scene. But the Peter´s Bros. are able to make any style You like, ex. Cairo Streetfight (Raiders), Arrival to Venice (Last crusade) or Elephant ride (Temple of Doom).


          "Raiders"                         "Temple"                   "Crusade"                        Mine







My present fedora - the "Adventurebilt" in pure beaver:



This fedora is the best I´ve seen. It is fairly cheap when looking at the quality that has been putted into this hat. I can only recommed the Adventurebilt Fedora - and the maker, Steve Delk, is a customers man beside being a nitpicky Indiana Jones-fan himself!  Go for it!


The photos of the Adventurebilt is taken at a real "adventureus" place.

The signs in the rock are Petroglyphs (rock carvings) and is made in the Bronze Age (c. 500b.c.). Their purpose is still to be figured out, but there are some really interessting theories that do put the Bronze age-man in a new brighter light. read more...



My former  Peters Bros. Fedora.

 Peter´s Bros.  custommake Indiana Jones fedoras. They are locaded in Texas and have a very good reputation and they are capable in making any kind of Indy-style You prefere.






If You are planning to order a fedora yourself, bare in mind that You want to get a style, that fits your head. Not only in size but in shape too. Changes are that You end up with a hat that looks like a stovepipe on your head.

The originally fedora (on Fords head) was a size 7 1/4  or  58 (european) with a crown-hight on 13,94cm (5˝ inch.), but as You most likely dont look like Harrison Ford, You might want to look at this guideline, in order to get the right, and best looking fedora.

During the European Summit I had the oppotunity to compare different Indy-Style fedoras as seen below:


            From left to right:  Peters Bros. Custommade Raiders Style -> Optimo, London Grey -> Optimo Choclade brown -> Maiser, official         Young Indiana Jones Fedora -> Disney´s official Indiana Jones fedora -> Peters Bros. custommade Last Crusade - Venice Dock-style -> Akubra Fed. de Lux.