The Jacket

The Indy  leather jacket was originally made by Peter Botwright, and his company Wested are still making them from the original patterns. However there are tree different models (one for each movie), and they vary slightly. Check out Westedīs homepage for more informations.

I can only recomment Wested. They are very pleasant to deal with. They do listen to Your wishes regarding Your jacket. Your jacket is custommade to Your measures and the price is VERY reasonable. All in all a great compagni to do business with!


My Wested - Raiders-style, off my shoulders for a moment:                            And the lasted member of the family:


When You recieve the jacket it looks brand new, so You decide whether You will distress it or not. I want mine to be Indy-like, so this jacket has got a heavy abusement.

Fine sandpaper (grain 180), acetone, brickwalls and dust makes the jacket looks just like I wanted it to look - worn!

Letīs get it back on :



As many "gearheads" will second - one Wested is not enought in the long run, and as I had the oppotunity to buy one from "the man himself", Peter Botwright at the European summit 2004 I did.

The new jacket is the "autentich lamb"-version and compared to my old one the colour has turned a little more redish. The leather is more stiff and dont tend to shape as much as my old one do.

But the jacket is all in all very fine and fits me better to my taste - however it looked terrible new. And an Indy-jacket dont look new!

However Mr. Botwright was a little shocked when he saw my old, heavily, distressed jacket as we where talking about my new one:


However my new jacket needs some distressing and inhere You can get some tips and follow the progress....(read more)

Before You order Your Raiders-jacket You might want to check out how to do the measurering correct.  Click here