How to do the measurering


When You are about to order Your Wested-jacket You sure want to get it to fit in the first try.

Even though Wested has a very large customerservice there is no need not do get You jacket to You pleasing.


From Wested´s site they are asking for these informations:

As each Jacket is custom-made, I require the following measurements. 

Height: Your height in inches or metric.
Chest: Measuring under the arms round the chest (loose fit). Or alternatively, the size of jacket that fits well, i.e. 42 Regular. (see figure A)
Sleeve: Measuring the sleeve length from the shoulder to the cuff or, even better, from the sleeve of a jacket that fits you. (see figure D)
Note: USA sizes in men's are the same as UK. Continental sizes can be converted without problem.


Futher notes/tips:

- The D-measurement should run down just above You tumb-nuckle. That way the lenght of the sleeve will be right.

- The B-measurement is estimated by Wested upon Your hight, but I think it would be better if You provided Wested with a specified lenght. Remember that the jacket is to be short, so the measure should be just below the waiste, or in other words; Just below You belt. Note that the "Temple of Doom"-jacket is a little longer.

- The F-measurement is practically Your waist. Rembember the jacket has got sidestaps so a little ajusting is possible.