Grail Diary

The Grail Diary, made by Indiana Jonesī father, Henry Jones Sr.  from "Last Crusade", was actually what got me into this hobby. Late one night I was surfing the Net for a bullwhip, when I stumpled across a webside all about this diary. My first thought was "Gee, what a bunch of nerds", but somehow the idea of making a diary of my own became more and more present.

I have always been into knights-tales, Robin Hood, Prince Valiant and such, and somehow this diary linked all that into a modern adventure, featuring Indiana Jones.

I felt like a piece of all that magic was right at hand in making this diary - and so I did.

It was hard work. I wanted mine to be autentic - as one actually carried by Jones Sr., and not a photocopied movieprop.  So all the text and all the drawings are handmade by me.


Make Your own!

Should You feel the same need for a Grail Diary, there are two way to get one. Buy one from one the "amateur" prop-makers. They often offers their work on E-bay. Just be prepered to pay around $500 - 900.

The other way is to make one Yourself. It is not that difficult, and if You click HERE You will be taken to my "Grail Diary" tutorial. This includes how to make a blank book, text, pictures, pageorder, inserts, and how to fill in the pages.


Here are some of the pages from my first diary - but not my last.... enjoy


The Grail Diary has to look as it been round for a number of decades.


Henry Jones Sr.  gets a vision about the Grail - the quest begins        A franciscan friar writes down an amazing story about 3 brothers  who claim .                                                                                                                                                         to  have found the Holy Grail...


Hunting high and low for clues - part of stained window in Venice          A detective writes down all clues.


Maps and descriptions are collected                                                                            Map of the Montain Road - this page is signatured by Hitler in the movie.



Another map, and a solid link...                                                                                        Three deadly trials to get to the grail...


                                                                                                          Now we are getting close to the first maker...