Wolfram von Eschenbach Notes


This note is handdrawn, and must be made on a preaged paper.

This insert, found on the Omphalos page, is a photocopy of the page marked by the 1899 Silver Certificate with the addition of a light pencil sketch of a land feature, similar to the canyon on the "map with no names", and a half drawn Brotherhood cross. On this insert appears text from various pages from Matthews. First from page 67: The Grail is flooded with spiritual light and shines out of those who seek it. Next from page 64: The true and proper home of the Grail is Paradise, the perfect realm of the spirit where the Priest King, John, the last guardian, reigns benignly from his castle within the Garden of Earthly Delights. And more text from page 64: One of the words meanings attributed to the words Lapsit exillas, used by Wolfram Von Eschenbach to describe the Grail is the "stone of exile" (from Paradise) and by extension the "wish for paradise" Below this is a few words seemingly written in pencil which I cannot decipher with certainty; perhaps: Crescent mountain you would find ?

As an inpiration check this letter made by Indy Magnoli: