European Summit 2005

in Hannover, Germany



Once again it was time to dusten the gear and fedora and head towards the annual European Summit.

This time it was helt near Hannover in a dinner (Michaelīs Dinner). Great place and it served as "Headquater" for us gearheads that weekend.

More to come, but letīs get the pics up:


See more pictures at Tomīs page: 

and at Aceīs page:


The "buzz-word" at the summit became "GURKENSCHNEIDER" translated into english as CUCUMBER CUTTER.

However things are not always as they seems to be. This "thing" came out of a story tolded by Marc:

A guy comes home from work and tells his wife that he got fired. "But why", the wife asked. "Well, I came to put my dick into the "gurkenschneider", her husbond replied. "Good God! What happened to You dick -  is it allright?" "Yes itīs fine, thank You". "But what about the gurkenschneider", the wife then asked. "He got fired too"....