There can be no doubt! Venice is truely one of the most amazing cities in the world.

Itīs old and it shows, but it has a genuine charme that You often donīt find in places where so many tourists visit every year - but Venice has kept her viginity.

My only advice for those who visit her... get away from the highlight-places where all the other tourists are crowding together - get lost in her narrow allyes, and see her true self.


And now for the Indy-approach:

Some of the scenes from "Last Crusade" was shoot around the church of Sct. Barnaba. In the movie its a converted church now holding a libary. This is only in the movie.

There are no libary - there are no sewer to crawl up from, but there are a kind of magic left in the area.


            "X" marks the spot. Here Youīll find the church, and marked with the red dots are the passage that Indy, Marcus and Elsa walks in the movie. As for the arrival, I belive it must be by the Canal Grande. I donīt know exactly where. Maybe round the Accademia. Itīs not by the Piazza San Marcus - the Maria-church is right on the other side, and it is not to be seen in the movie.




The square looks rather big in the movie, but it isnīt.  It may not be larger than 30 x 40 meters (  33 x43 Yards ). But it was a true adventure just being there, and I am sure to return to Venice and her grace!